Day #?.. they’re all becoming the same

Day 12… Day 13… Day 14…Days are becoming blured into a very long one… with the weather staying the same, with nothing special happening and the 6h shifts pattern, it’s hard differentiating the days. If not for the fact that I do a logbook entry, I would have no idea how long we’ve been out here. So we keep on going. We passed our 2/3 of the way mark. Nice! No real celebration but we share a smile and shouted “getting there!!”. Then we passed 3/4: “almost there!!”. And this morning we passed 4/5. At this point we’re just making up marks to feel we’re making way as we’re really excited about arriving. Being out at sea is nice, but 14 days is a bit much. Especially when you think there are still 4 more to go. The reality is, with the days feeling the same, and a routine set, it’s boring out here! Pretty as it is, there’s only so much contemplating you can do when looking at the ocean! That’s why we haven’t write more. We feel we’d fill your inbox with the same boring story everyday. Still, things out here are nice. The days are sunny (or at least half of the day) and warm, and so are the nights. And they get so more everyday! We still see sargasso everywhere but the lack of animals worries me. So far we only saw a couple of dolphin pods and a few birds. Where are they? Or is this a reflection of the polution, over fishing or something else? I read an article that the sailing route from Japan to the US is almost bare after the Fukushima nuclear plant incident (i’m not 100% on the spelling). The article said that there’s very few animals spotted now, and the ones that are have visible growths and other abnormalities… so sad… Omwards to the 9/10’s mark, which will be just off Barbados! If you want to check where we are, head to Sailing Saetta Saskia & Miguel