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Yacht Delivery and Skipper

With over 30,000 nautical miles under my belt, navigating from the shores of Scotland to the serene waters of the Caribbean and beyond, I understand the importance of treating boats with the care and respect they deserve. Boat delivery and skippering, to me, go beyond simply moving a vessel from one point to another – it’s a commitment to responsible and thoughtful seamanship.

Having heard troubling tales of boats enduring unnecessary stress and damage due to careless skippering practices, I am driven to offer my experience as a reliable delivery skipper. With more than eight years of owning, fixing, and maintaining my own boat, and having crossed the Atlantic twice, I bring a unique perspective to ensure your boat is handled with the love and care it deserves.

When you entrust your boat to my hands, you’re not just getting it where you want it; you’re ensuring it reaches its destination safely and in the best possible condition. Sail with peace of mind, knowing your vessel is in experienced and respectful hands.

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