I think this is it, we’re leaving to cross the Atlantic

We’re storing the last things aboard, and taking out our heavy weather gear. After we’ll go in the water to clean the dinghy from all the growth, and do the same to the rudder and prop. And of course, take one last shower. After that, we should be ready to go! 2200nm to the next destination: St Vincent. Scary and exciting, but looking forward for it too. It feels like being in the queue to the rollercoaster. The weather looks doable but not comfortable. From what we’ve been following, this is as good as we’ll ever get, so better get on with it! If you want to check where we are, you can go to sailingsaetta.com/where-we-are/ We’ll update you soon as to what’s happening; did we leave or did we bailed! Sailing Saetta Saskia & Miguel