Miguel was the one who spotted land this morning. Almost there! Yesterday was a though day. In the morning we had 95 nm to go to the Azores. The wind and waves came from Azores, so we had to tack our way up. 12 hours later we had sailed plenty of miles, but only 30 of them where directly towards Horta. One after the other we got messages that our friends had arrived, we kept battling wind and waves. This wasn’t easy with me getting pretty seasick and barely seeing Horta coming closer. In the evening the wind died down. We don’t like to turn on the engine, but at least it meant we could go straight to target!
This morning we were welcomed by a clear blue sky, which is a nice changes from the cloudy days we just had. I started this trip in yoga pants and a top, and little by little added more to it: sweater, socks, salopettes, jacket, boots. Our thin blanket we used during our nights has been replaced by a thick sleeping bag. Most of the days have been sunny and warm, but during the nights it gets cold!!
Anyway, a couple more hours now! Fist we’ll rest, then we deepclean Saetta and ourselves and hopefully we can explore the Azores soon. We’ll have to do a PCR test and get a negative result before we can get cleared. We are hoping we can do the test tomorrow, if not, it will be after the weekend.

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