Sailing Saetta: Saskia moves aboard

Miguel has been living aboard for a while now, whilst I stayed at the apartment during the week. I have been resisting moving into the boat mostly because the 2 hours travel distance to work. But also because the idea of living aboard seemed a bit uncomfortable to me. Especially in winter, it can be quite cold and the idea of having to walk to the main building for showers does not sound very appealing. Still, Miguel brought up the subject every now and then. Most of the times I rolled my eyes on him and told him we already talked about it, but in my head I kept thinking about it. I need time to process big changes, before I can be enthusiastic.

This summer, however, everything felt like it was fitting into place. Our plans to travel became more serious and with that, the issue of money has been brought up more and more. Getting rid of the apartment was definitely the easiest way to save more money. So I got a job closer to the boat, and moving aboard was now the right thing to do. And whilst it might take awhile for me to get used to the idea of change, after making a decision I can move quickly. In my head I organised the house, decided what we could and want to keep and what had to go; and a lot had to go in order to fit aboard. The hardest part was to sort through the kitchen things. I love to cook and try new recipes so I am used to have quite a lot of different products in the house. However the boat simply cannot store 3 types of rice, 4 types of pasta and 50 spices. Decisions had to be made! Clothing was another interesting process. I ended up making 3 different piles: one for charity, one to keep and one to keep for now but will go when we set off cruising. I managed to get to the point that there is space available aboard for more clothes, which I feel I should use it but Miguel very much disagrees! Now, almost everything we own fits in the boat. My parents are holding my saxophone and a box full of admin and old photo books that I could not throw away but neither could it come aboard.

Now that the apartment is empty, keys are returned to the landlord, and the city of Utrecht is informed we left, I officially moved aboard. Do I like it? Very much so! I never had, but always wanted, a garden or a balcony. Now it is so easy to get out and enjoy the weather. I know it will not always be summer and nice weather, but I will deal with that when it comes. We do have a heater, thermo clothes and sleeping bags, so I am sure we can keep it warm. Plus the idea that we will be able to just take our house and go to another place is great! And as a bonus, for the first time ever I hung my laundry outside to dry! I have never felt so housewifey before, walking around with the laundry basket on my hip, clipping the clothes to the line. Things that I miss? Not really. Although when I have to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, I wished I did not have to pump water in and out. The next few weeks will be to get settled in and see if there are any issues we have to deal with!