Working from home and our plans

What a bizarre couple of weeks it has been! One week we were slightly aware of a virus somewhere far, far away, and all of a sudden it was near and the world changed significantly. We mostly experience this when we read the news since it is quite easy to live in our own liveaboard bubble: I work from home, groceries are getting delivered and there is not much need to go outside, other than Miguel buying some items he needs for working on the boat or a workout or walk to keep us fit and healthy.

We keep up to date by reading the news and talking (online :)) to friends and family. One of my sisters is a nurse and every now and then she sends a video or updates about how things in the hospital are going. It makes us realize there are people who live a completely different life at the moment. They are not able to just walk away and lock themselves up as we can.

Miguel and I both keep busy with our own thing. There is still a long ‘to do on the boat’ list and luckily I am able to keep on working from home. On the days that I work, I claim the chart table as my working space and I ask Miguel kindly to do his loud jobs when I am not on the phone, which is going quite well! It is a weird month though since this is my last month at this job, and because of the current circumstances, I’ll probably have to say goodbye to my colleagues through Skype. When I started this job the plan was (and still is, but at the moment we can not keep to it), to leave for our trip in May or June. So it made perfect sense to get a temporary job. But none of our risk assessments counted for a pandemic!

So what’s next for us? For now, Miguel keeps on working on the boat and I’ll have 2 more weeks of work. After that, I’ll take a couple of weeks of holiday and we’ll see what will happen in the world. If the borders in south Europe open before July, we will still leave. If it looks like that won’t happen, I’ll (I guess I have to say ‘we’) will (hopefully) find another job and we’ll move our plans to next year. It’s not great, but we are aware that this isn’t the worst thing in the world. So many people are struggling with their health or might lose their job, house and so on. I will lose my job, but this was a risk we took and since we have been saving for our trip we will be able to manage for a while. Besides that: we are both healthy, able to enjoy Saetta (especially with the amazing weather the last couple of days) and plenty of time to finish our to-do list, although, with every box ticked, two more appear… welcome to owning a boat!

We hope you guys are safe as well! We’ll keep you up to date about what is happening in our lives!

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