We left Sint Maarten 2 weeks ago. After sailing close to the wind for days, we had a couple of really calm days, but thanks to our spinaker we still sailed most of the times. Yesterday the wind started to build, and with the wind the seasate. Until now, we only saw 15 knots of wind (except from the squalls), now it goes up to 26 knots. The wind and waves are coming from the back, so not too bad. I find it amazing that one day I look at almost flat seas, and the next days I look at 2,5-3 meter waves. What a difference a day makes! Less than a thousand nm to go and we can’t wait to arrive! It makes me realize it is a good thing we are not sailing the Pacific Even though the conditions are nice and the sail is relatively comfortable, we just find it a long, long way. And the Pacific would be much longer! Other than the feeling of wanting to arrive getting stronger, things are going well on board. We do our shifts, relax, eat, check the weather, adapt course, reset the sails and that is about it. We also keep an eye our for whales. I did see a fin going through the water not that far from Saetta, but it dissapeard as quickly as it showed up. There is not much news to share, which is a good thing, it means we just keep going towards Horta!

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  1. Anonymous

    Nice to hear you are over your queasiness and life is back to normal, don’t forget to post your coordinates so we land locked sailors can follow your progress on our charts.
    Happy sailing and hope the wind is fair.

  2. Leontien & Michael

    Good job so far! Interrested in a box in schokkerstrand? 14 meter x 5,5 meter for 2400 euro a year? Available from 1st August From the jachthavengroep so you can stay also free in Amsterdam Marina, Medemblik, Stellendam and Rotterdam. Close to Ijsseloog and Kampen. Let me know of you want to take it over from us

  3. Oh, so very nice to follow you back home. We took the airplane this time to get back to Europe. But we hope to be back in the Caribbean in Oktober.

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