At the start of day 3 of out Atlantic Crossing

On our last passage from La Gomera do Cape Verde, I spent all my time on shift watching shows and writing little messages. So I thought: on the next passage, since I can’t edit videos, I should put an effort on writing a blog. Well… things are not turning out as expected but at the start of our day 3, I put an effort. The conditions are so rolly and windy, that my brain’s capacity is left depleted after I dealt with everything aboard. That is preparing meals, doing the dishes, keep an eye on the wind and waves to adjust the sails and autopilot. I mean, today was the first day I brush my teeth. I felt I didn’t have the time to do that on top of everything else! That’s a bit exaggerated. In truth I needed to get a new brush because the old one fell right into the toilet with one of the waves (100 points for Neptune!). So I had to look for a new one, which means opening lockers and all that stuff I didn’t feel I had time to. However I must have gotten bad because, even sick, Saskia went to find a toothbrush for me! We rely heavily on the autopilot doing its work. However, if a fast wave hits us, it disengage the autopilot and we go wherever the waves take us. That’s not good. That’s why one of us needs to be in the cockpit to take action in case this happens. Luckily Saskia is feeling better now. Maybe her inner-ear is getting used to all this. She can now do her shifts, which leaves me to take slightly longer naps. I’ve always been a light sleeper, which makes sleeping a challenge. A boat is basically an amplifier of sound, so a little knock on the hull and you hear a massive bang inside. Now imagine the noises of the water rushing through the hull, and lines and blocks clicking. I never sleep more than 45min in one go.
Alright, enough chatting. Need to go back to my shift! If you want to check where we are, head to Sailing Saetta Saskia & Miguel