And on the 4th day, inspiration and good weather

Yestersay we were reading updates from boats close to us. Risa said they’re keeping up their exercise routine, White Pearl has been cooking omelets and chili con carne, Off Course has been gourmeting on their caught mahi-mahi by cooking steaks and ceviche, and Philos even went up the mast to get a halyard. H O W ? ? ! Saskia and I hear about this and are really amazed that people can be this active. We walk from the couch to the cockpit to the toilet, and that might as well be a marathon. I purposely left out kitchen because we barely go there. Name of the game, be standing up as little as possible or you might be slung across the room. That’s us, of course. But if others can do it, what’s wrong with us? Is it they have better weather, or have balanced their boat better? (Probably!) Or is it an attitude that we fail to recognise and adapt. (Very likely!) Well, whatever it is, we have huge respect for those being this active, and finished the day wondering how we can improve. Then came day 4. The night wasn’t horrible but a wave hit us so hard that I was laying down on a chair in the cockpit and ended up on the floor on the other side, having hit the cockpit table on the way. During the day the sea conditions got better by the hour. At lunch time, I felt good and inspired by my fellow cruisers and decided to hit the galley (or kitchen) and nailed it. A simple dish of fried onions with goat cheese and beetroot, but it proved that it’s easier than it looked! Huge sucess! Thanks Karin!! For the rest of the day I spent enjoying sometime outside, eating crap and watching Netflix. Yeah, thats right, with all this beauty around me and I still get hooked on the phone. What can I say, I like TV! Saskia is doing much better too! She started to read again. Up until now (in this passage) reading was out of question as she would get sick straight away. But a mix of less waves, inspiration from others and getting used to the situation, means she is getting back to her normal.
Time for my nap before my shift. If you want to check where we are, head to Sailing Saetta Saskia & Miguel