Day 5: grooming and weather

Day 4 finished so well! We were quite excited for day 5, expecting it to get even better conditions. But that’s not how the weather works. In the middle of the night the winds and seastate started to build. By lunch, the waves had disengaged the autopilot around 8 times. But this can’t be a reason to just lounge around. I went to the kitchen for some power cooking (that’s what I call cooking and balancing oneself at the same time). Simple menu for lunch: soup with toast. After lunch and dishes, I felt quite energetic and thought the time was right for a shower and a change of clothes. I mean, it’s been 5 days… it’s about time! So how did I do it with 3m waves? I took all my clothes and left them in the cockpit, grabbed the shampoo and a bucket with a rope. Then very carefully made my way to the back of the boat and sat on the back. Slang the bucket into the water got myself all wet, shampooed and then back to the cockpit. There I filled the bucket with fresh water and finis hed the business. Too much moving around in a wonky sea, but it felt good! So good infact that after I thought the job wouldn’t be finished without some mani pedi attention. Everytime we go to sea, we fill the diesel tanks, have to treat the petrol engine. All these fuels really make a mess out of my skin, especially the cuticles above the nail. So it felt great to give them some attention. Usually we forgo any of this on a passage. We focus on what the passage and the boat needs, and focus on ourselves on the other side. That’s not an option this time! So we’re learning how to combine the sailing, grooming and weather. The sun just set! That means its dinner time! This is one of the last pre-prepared food. Very soon, we’ll need to cook all our meals! If you want to check where we are, head to Sailing Saetta Saskia & Miguel